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Gabriel is a gem cutter and jewelry artist specializing in Ethiopian Opals and Emeralds. He travels to Ethiopia to hand select the highest quality rough opals and emeralds directly from the mines and then in his Los Angeles studio he cuts and hand carves the gemstones and designs one of a kind settings for them. Gabriel has established a dedicated following and longtime collectors worldwide for his carved opals and jewelry.

"As an artist, I'm inspired by the dichotomy of the harlequin character and the vibrant, yet contrasting, colors of gems such as sapphires, opals, and emeralds. The harlequin symbolizes the balance of light and dark, joy and sadness, and order and chaos. This duality is reflected in my use of positive and negative space, which creates a dynamic visual tension in my work. The use of color, inspired by the rich hues of sapphires, opals, and emeralds, adds another layer of complexity and depth to my compositions..."

"...The interplay between light and dark, as well as the luminous quality of the gems, imbues my art with a sense of otherworldly beauty and wonder. Through my art, I strive to explore the intricacies of the human experience and to create a visual language that transcends boundaries and speaks to the soul. I hope that my work evokes a sense of mystery, wonder, and delight, inviting viewers to delve deeper into the layers of meaning and emotions that I have woven into each piece."

– Gabriel

Gabriel exhibits his work at Fine Art and Jewelry Shows across California. His studio is located in Los Angeles.
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